Welcome to my new website

Percy hard at work

  Here it is! My new website. I’m excited to see it out on the web. I hope more clients will find me and consider using a vet in the home. For many people, a house call vet makes perfect sense. Their cat freaks out in the carrier, hates the car, and then gets restrained like Hannibal Lecter once at the vet. Or they have multiple pets and hate to drag the toddlers with them to the vet. Or they have little extra time to spend waiting for the vet to see them. But for other people, the thought of a vet coming to the house brings more questions. What I would like those people to consider is the value of decreasing your pet’s stress, having a professional observe your pet in their environment, getting extended time with the vet to ask questions and to learn more in depth about some aspect of your pet’s health, and the convenience of having the vet come to you on your schedule. My philosophy of practice revolves around respect and compassion, so you can always expect an open, honest assessment of your pet’s condition and long-term prognosis.